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Red sky, Sinai, Go tell it on the mountainWhen I’m not messing around with this blog, I love spending time on other ones. As far as blogs go here, Egypt  has amazing bloggers. Some of the best in the world. Ones who – I’d argue – covered Egypt better than mainstream news outlets through the revolution and difficult times since. But most have a mainland Egypt focus; the Sinai doesn’t really have an equivalent group of home-grown bloggers. None that write in English anyway. Hopefully, one day it will; seeing it through Bedouin eyes would be good. Anyway, some of my favourites are below; they’re not all about Egypt or the Sinai. They’re just ones I like. And it’s not just blogs; it’s any websites. I’m expanding it all the time. And If you think I should check out a blog/ website please contact me.

cropped-inanities-banner-1INANITIES – By journalist/blogger Sarah Carr, this isn’t an adventure travel blog; well, not in the classical sense of climbing mountains etc. There’s not much about the Sinai, either. But for a amusing, no-bullshit, brilliantly-written blog on Egypt, this is about as good as it gets.

Tony Howad & Di Taylor, Wadi Rum, Sinai, Go tell it on the mountainNOMADS – my favourite Middle East adventure travel website. I use it for keeping my finger on the pulse. It has news, updates and useful links from all over, plus some beautiful galleries. Read about its authors Tony & Di: two genuine trailblazers of Middle East adventure travel.

Abraham Path 2, Sinai, Go tell it on the mountainABRAHAM PATH – a long-distance walking trail in the Middle East, tracing the mythical journeys of Abraham. It’s not just about walking; it’s about talking. It’s about a cultural exchange and creating something positive in part of the world that too often misrepresented through bad news.

Internet Archive SinaiINTERNET ARCHIVE – a huge library of digitised books you can flick through, page by page. It has loads of stuff on the Sinai. See my personal pick of the bunch HERE. I love this and use it a lot and I love the fact it makes such a huge, valuable source of knowledge available to all of us.

Sinai CoverSINAI: THE TREKKING GUIDE – my guidebook’s website, and a more practical website than this blog. It has stuff on all the treks in my book, plus general info you can use for travelling. Look out for the updates section; this is where I’ll put stuff that needs updating as the Sinai changes.

tristan-thomas-150x150TRISTAN THOMAS – the personal blog of Tristan Thomas, a Cairo-based traveller with a love of Arabic, the Middle East and Egypt. Interesting, opinionated blog, with beautiful pics, and Sinai stuff, including a first hand account of a special Sinai is Safe hike, to challenge bad news about the Sinai.

Our_train_at_Novosibirsk_copyTRAILBLAZER – the publisher of my book. Founded by Bryn Thomas, Trailblazer have – for me – created the most exciting range of travel books in the world in recent decades. They publish about the little known parts of the world; the places to which I feel pulled more than any others.

Egyptian Sidekick, Go Tell it on the MountainEGYPTIAN SIDEKICK – one of the most active travel blogs about Egypt; with regular links to the best travel content. It’s been shining a light on Egypt through the tourism crash and is run by people in it for the long haul and committed to showing its positive sides. Also a non profit tour organisation.

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