Bedouin guide, Jebel el Deir, Go tell it on the mountainThe Sinai isn’t always thought of as a land of mountains. Beyond Mount Sinai – one of the world’s holiest peaks – a lot of folks imagine it to be a vast lowland of wide, sweeping desers. Make no mistake though: the Sinai DOES have mountains. Hundreds of them. Giants whose peaks gaze over the Red Sea to both Africa and Asia; and that have inspired some of the most influential legends ever told. This is one of the Middle East’s great mountain wildernesses. But it still remains  little-known, at least to the outside world. The mountains here are as little-trodden as they are beautiful and the opportunity for discovery is still rich; which is as much as anything – I think – why it’s so exciting.

SOUTH SINAI is where the mountains are; most of them, anyway. North Sinai does have mountains; but they’re lower, isolated summits. So this blog is about South Sinai, at least for now. When I think about South Sinai, I divide it into FOUR areas. Click on the pics below to find more about each.


Jebel Rabba, Sinai, Go tell it on the mountain


Jebel Naja, Sinai, Go tell it on the mountain


Jebel Reeh, Sinai, Go tell it on the mountain_result


Jebel Mutamir summit view, Go tell it on the mountain._result

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